Art, symbolism and words play a huge role in processing seasons of my life. As I prepare mentally and physically for my spine surgery, I find solace in the interconnections of nature , the universe and God, the physical and the spiritual realms and their role in healing and processing seasons of life. The symbolism of the tree serves as a reminder of our universal connection to our Mother Earth, much like the life cycle of trees, our lives experience seasons of darkness and light, decay and re-birth. The Tree of Life symbol represents re-birth and new beginnings. My surgery will  mark a new chapter. 

"Breathe tree of life

Breathe roots of life

Anchor deeper than before, the soul moored above the dark swell

 Breathe life into the dry bones

 Breathe tree of life 

 Roots of life don’t leave me

The dancing roots , the running roots , the jumping roots

 Breathe life into the dry bones

The source of life , branches need you , be faithful tree of life 

Breathe roots of life , Breathe tree of life "

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