​Much research has been done to address the impact of urban living to the wellbeing of our physical and mental health. The dichotomy of urban living in big cities like London offer advantages such as better healthcare,  career opportunities, education, culture and overall better standard of living.  On the other hand, urban living has been found to raise the risk of stress, anxiety and mental illness and mood disorders . Research also shows spending time in green space or bringing nature into your everyday life can benefit both your mental and physical wellbeing. By coalescing myself with nature on this project helps to remind and transport me to my relationship with the natural world, where I find healing, reawakening and the closer deeper connection with my spiritual journey with God , the Universe and Mother Nature.

 "Breath daughter of Eve, The Garden of Eden calls thee home, where trees and rivers sing in their perfection. Away from the stifling container, where toil and sweat make the modern woman, the place I long to be most and the place I loathe most, the place that has bewitched me. The shining lights, the glitter and the glamour of the streets shops and roads hold me captive. I long to be free, to breath, to have an audience with my creator, sublime where I find thee, sublime where I can finally breathe, where art thou Mother Nature is my landscape. Until I'm home but for now daughter of Eve, inhale, exhale, Selah."

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